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Edge Detection for Weld Monitoring

Cornelius Sawatzky
Written by Cornelius Sawatzky on June 21, 2016

With the advent of high dynamic range weld cameras, such as the Xiris XVC-1000, images of welding processes can be made with enormous ranges of brightness.  As a result, it is now possible to monitor and record good quality video of most welding processes using an HDR camera.  With good quality images of the weld pool, arc, and seam, the next logical step is to incorporate image processing into the camera system to extract additional information to help operators better control the welding process.

The Edge Detector tool from Xiris is a powerful edge detection and analysis utility that can detect edges, or areas of rapid contrast change, within a region of interest.  When used with a weld camera, the edge detector can help find the size and position of numerous features in a welding scene such as wire width and length, weld seam gap or center, molten pool boundaries or torch tip edge quality.


Figure 1: Edge Detector window

The Edge Detector generates a projection of intensities from a region of interest into a profile, then analyzes the profile to find presence of edges.  Each edge has a series of properties such as edge strength, expected polarity and location that can be used to measure or sort each edge so that objects in the weld environment can be analyzed.  The net result is a new way for fabricators to enhance the monitoring and controlling of their weld processes.


By incorporating image processing tools such as an Edge Detector into their weld camera systems, machine builders can measure features of their weld processes in a way that has never before been possible.  It is now possible to find edges in an image, such as the weld wire, or seam, that could allow for further monitoring or analysis, or form the foundation for seam tracking or weld pool geometry analysis.

For more information on how Xiris Weld Cameras and the new Edge Detector tool can help monitor your weld processes, visit Xiris.com


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