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Why Choose Xiris as Your Weld Camera Supplier?

Lisa Colling
Written by Lisa Colling on August 17, 2022

Remote weld monitoring is an essential element of optimizing and continuously improving automated welding process, and Weld Cameras have proven to be the most effective tool for this remote monitoring.

Xiris Automation proudly offers the XVC-O Weld Camera for this purpose. We’re sure you won’t be able to find a better remote monitoring solution for welding.

The XVC-O was designed by the Xiris engineering team, which has expert knowledge of imaging technology, optics, and welding. We have been delivering Machine Vision inspection solutions to diverse industrial applications for almost 25 years, and more than 80 percent of the company has a technology-related degree in Optics, Electronics, Software, or Mechanics.

We’re an engineering company that focuses on excellence in optical design to provide the highest-quality weld images possible—and the XVC-O is the culmination of our efforts. It is a technology solution that our competitors cannot match for cost-effectiveness and image quality.

The Xiris Difference

When looking for technology solutions, we know you’re not just looking for a product, you’re also looking for a technology provider that can bring value to your welding operations.

Xiris is driven by the desire to achieve excellent performance by constantly pushing the limits of technology and innovation, and our customers across the world continue to benefit from our dedication to continuous improvement long after they’ve purchased XVC-O technology.

What makes us stand out from other technology providers in the welding industry?

  • Results. Our clients tell us that our camera systems pay for themselves in as little as three months after installation and help them catch more than 99% of defects before their products leave the factory.
  • Quality. All systems are designed using our stage gate development process, including multiple-use scenarios and a multi-point quality check prior to shipping.
  • Innovation. We invest more than 25% of our sales into R&D, and we now hold four Patents with two provisional Patents pending and three trade marks for developed technology.
  • Industry knowledge. We understand the complex and unique industry challenges and unique quality issues of automated welding.
  • Experience. Our engineers have an average of more than 18 years’ experience in designing and building optical metrology systems.
  • Reputation. We maintain a virtually 100% client retention rate, and 70% of our clients are repeat business.
  • Customer Service. All customer requests for information or service are returned by phone or email within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Trust. We have shipped more than 1,500 systems to over 30 countries and provided software tools to another 1,000 customers worldwide.


Xiris Automation’s XVC-O Camera is the right technology from the best company to help you improve welding quality, productivity, and safety by remotely monitoring welding applications. Our expertise in Machine Vision technology for use in a variety of industrial processes sets us apart from other Weld Camera suppliers, and the XVC-O’s advanced capabilities speak for themselves.


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