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Introducing the Xiris Weld Video Library

Cameron Serles
Written by Cameron Serles on August 29, 2014

To fully appreciate the capabilities of the Xiris XVC-O Weld Camera, you need to see the actual video it produces across a variety of welding types, materials, and power inputs. By viewing video of different welding processes monitored by the XVC-O, you can see for yourself the high level of detail it provides of the entire weld scene.

Xiris provides Weld View Cameras and other remote monitoring solution for the welding industry.This clarity is made possible by the innovative High Dynamic Range imaging technology incorporated into the XVC-O. Unlike the dynamic range of standard cameras, the XVC-O includes High Dynamic Range imaging technology that is sufficient to provide clear detail of both the super-bright weld arc and its surrounding background.

But simply talking about High Dynamic Range imaging isn’t enough. The camera is a visual tool—so you need to be able to see the images it produces to truly understand the breakthrough of this level of High Dynamic Range imaging technology.

To accomplish that goal, we’ve created the Xiris Welding Video Library.

It’s easy to find the videos you’re interested in. You can search the library with the following filters:

  • Welding type (MIG, TIG, laser, laser-MIG hybrid, plasma, sub arc).
  • Material (carbon steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, aluminum, titanium, copper).
  • Input Power (<100 A, 100 A-300 A, >300 A).
  • Pulsed or Non-Pulsed Input Power.
  • Application (general fabrication, joining, tube mill, pressure vessel, cladding/overlay, bead on plate).
  • Joint Type (J joint, V joint, butt joint, lap joint, surface joint, bead, seam, pipe).
  • Camera Angle (front, back, side, top).
  • Pulse Frequency (<100 Hz, > 100 Hz).

We hope you’ll take a look at the video library. We will continue to build this library over time, so please check back periodically to see what videos we have added to the site. If there is a particular weld process, material, or power input condition for which you would like to see a recorded video, please let us know and we will try to arrange it.

At Xiris, we’re obviously enthusiastic about the application and use of High Dynamic Range imaging technology in remote weld monitoring—we’ve made it a key feature of our XVC-O Weld Camera.

Once you see the videos, we think you’ll share our excitement about the potential of this technology to increase welding productivity. Let us know what you think!



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