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EWI Installs XVC-O Weld Camera for Use in Lab Research

Cameron Serles
Written by Cameron Serles on August 29, 2014

By allowing real-time remote monitoring of automated weld processes, Weld Cameras capable of High Dynamic Range imaging can significantly improve the quality and productivity of welding operations.

Although High Dynamic Range imaging is still a relatively new technology in welding, we believe it will become an industry standard, and our XVC-O Weld Camera features it.

The XVC-O Weld Camera with High Dynamic Range imaging is being used for research by EWI.One organization dedicated to the spread of cutting-edge welding technology—the Ohio, U.S.-based nonprofit research institute, EWI—has taken an interest in adding High Dynamic Range imaging to monitor a variety of its welding processes. EWI has just purchased and installed an XVC-O Weld Camera for research in its laboratories.

EWI (formerly the Edison Welding Institute) provides research, consulting, and training to its nearly 1,200 member companies, across a range of industries worldwide.

Since the early 1980s, it has been developing and applying pioneering welding technologies to help manufacturers improve processes and increase productivity.

Xiris is proud to be a member of EWI because we know the important leadership role it has played in advancing the level of welding technology available. That history of knowledge and experience is why we’re so excited about EWI’s involvement with our XVC-O cameras for welding.


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