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Xiris at ABB Robotics Technology Days: March 13-14, 2014

Cornelius Sawatzky
Written by Cornelius Sawatzky on August 16, 2022

Our team at Xiris is looking forward to the upcoming ABB Robotics Technology Days, held on March 13th and 14th, 2014 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. We invite you to join us at the Technology Days and Open House to learn more about developments in the field of Robotics.

The Technology Days event will give individuals the chance to learn about the industry through a variety of seminars and training sessions. Over 80 products demonstrations will be on site throughout the two day event, Xiris’ XVC-O Weld Camera being one of them. The event will also be an excellent opportunity to meet other industry professionals and explore how new technology is being used in a variety of applications, such as Metal Fabrication.

Our team will be presenting during the event, discussing the use of a new camera that is able to accommodate the full range of light present at a weld head during welding. Using a logarithmic HDR camera to monitor the welding or cutting process remotely allows the process to be monitored live while keeping the user out of harm’s way. By providing a good quality image of the weld point, pool and background, the operator can remotely monitor the welding process, verify that the point is in position and monitor that the process is performing well.  Because the area around the Laser or Laser Hybrid weld point is typically quite congested or too dangerous to have an operator directly monitor while under operation, a camera mounted at the welding point allows the operator to view the welding process remotely in a safe environment. Video can also be recorded and stored for auditing, troubleshooting and/or training purposes making the camera system an effective tool in production as well as engineering departments.

Take a look at ABB Robotics Technology Days 2013 in the following video.


We hope you will have the chance to join us, and look forward to seeing what this year’s event has in store! To register for the event or learn more, click here for more information


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