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Pre-Recording Buffering of Weld Image Video

Cameron Serles
Written by Cameron Serles on February 7, 2022

A key feature of the Xiris Weld Camera includes being able to record and playback video of captured weld processes. Sometimes when starting to record a weld video, it can be difficult to capture the initial moments of the weld process. This could mean missing desired points of the weld such as the striking of the arc or the location of the weld tip prior to expulsion of the arc.

TIG Torch starting up TIG Torch starting up 2 TIG Torch starting up 3 TIG Torch starting up 4

4 Snapshots of a TIG Torch Starting Up

Recognizing the importance of capturing these worthwhile moments, Xiris implemented a pre-recording buffer in its WeldStudio software.  When this mode is activated, the software will maintain up to 10 seconds of video data in memory in a circular buffer so that it is continuously holding the most recent few seconds of video.  Then, whenever the video recording is initiated in software, the circular buffer of data is automatically added to the beginning of the recorded video.  This way, captured video of the interesting events in a weld process never have to be missed again.

This can be useful in various situations during welding:

  1. When you want to capture what happens to the welding equipment before welding starts and the signal to enable recording is too slow to catch the initial start.
  2. When trying to record a very fast process such as laser welding or cutting where it is difficult to initiate the camera recording at the right point without losing the first seconds of the video after the laser arc is detected.
  3. If you are manually starting the video record process and forget to press record right away or click somewhere else by accident, the pre-record feature will capture those accidentally missed moments.
  4. If you are not always recording while watching a welding process, but something happens of interest during the weld, you can hit record and capture the last 10 seconds to save the problem or issue that just occurred.

Pre-Recording Buffering of the weld video is a great way to capture specific events that are not anticipated or easily initiated by the user. This ensures all key information to be caught digitally for real-time monitoring and analysing.

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