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Weld.com Partners with Xiris Automation

Cameron Serles
Written by Cameron Serles on August 17, 2022

Photo of Paul from Weld.com and Justin from Xiris


Weld.com is a one of the welding industry’s fastest growing online resources.  Their new weekly series entitled MIG Mondays aims to educate welders on all aspects of MIG welding.  Weld.com approached Xiris Automation when they wanted to replace their existing weld camera with one of much higher quality and they were amazed by the clarity and precision of the XVC-1000.  In order to understand exactly what is happening during the welding process, professional welders are embracing High Dynamic Range camera technology to see their processes in great detail.

Visit Weld.com to see the latest episode of MIG Mondays, as Paul and Justin discuss the applications, benefits and more of the XVC-1000 series HDR cameras.





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