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Education welding welding education women in welding

3 min

From Student to Instructor: Mackenzi Johnston’s Journey Through Welding

Over the years the Xiris team has had the opportunity to work and...

weld inspection Education welding education welding barriers

2 min

Eliminating Traditional Welding Barriers for Instructors and Students

Welding instructors and students are often faced with barriers in the...

weld camera Education CellView camera

2 min

Getting a Greater View of a Student Welding Cell

The best welding educators are always trying to make their lessons more...

Education software

2 min

5 Software Features that Help Educators Improve the Student Experience

Weld Cameras have incorporated their way into many classrooms to help...

Education audio

3 min

Four Ways Audio Can Improve Weld Training

Experienced welders can instantly tell if something is wrong with a welding...

weld camera Education

2 min

Xiris Weld Cameras for Educators

  A few weeks ago, we held our largest webinar yet: Xiris Weld Cameras for...

Education XVC Weld Camera

2 min

Weld Cameras for Union Skills Training  

Unions with members who do on the job welding need to provide regular skills...

Education Xiris welding

1 min

How To Engage Young Welding Apprentices

Welding has a problem. We all know about it, but we often don’t talk about...

weld camera Education High Dynamic Range manufacturing applications XVC Weld Camera HDR weld camera system consistent inspection

1 min

LASIMM project goes live with Xiris Automation


weld camera welding automation Education welding laser additive manufacturing additive manufacturing

1 min

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Relies on XVC 1000

Recently, Xiris had the pleasure of working with the Additive Manufacturing...

weld camera Laser welding Education High Dynamic Range mig welding Partners with Xiris Automation


weld camera weld environment welding instruction Education

1 min

Bring Welding Education into the 21st Century with Weld Cameras!

One of the biggest problems instructors face when teaching welding students...

weld camera weld inspection Laser welding welding automation weld environment Machine Vision image processing Education Welding Process weld video Xiris image contrast

1 min

How to Get the Best View of an Open Arc Weld

Attaining a good image of a weld and the surrounding background has been a...

quality control weld camera weld inspection Machine Vision camera placement field of view welding instruction Education Welding Process weld video Xiris welding Conestoga College NAIT

2 min

How Weld Cameras Can Help Improve the Student Experience

Technical trade schools and welding education programs are not new to...

quality control weld camera field of view Education Welding Process High Dynamic Range MIG/MAG

2 min

Using a Weld Camera to Monitor Tandem MIG Welding

Tandem MIG/MAG welding is a beneficial material processing application for...

weld camera weld inspection welding instruction Education

2 min

Better Images, Better Instruction, Better Welding Students!

Training a new group of welding students can have a number of challenges for...

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