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quality control weld inspection High Dynamic Range pipe tube HDR weld seam tubedefects consistent WI-2000 inspection system WI-3000

1 min

How Weld Inspection helps Tube Producers in the Automotive Sector

The Automotive Sector is constantly trying to reduce the weight of cars. Part...

quality control weld inspection High Dynamic Range XVC Weld Camera weld camera system consistent trigger photodiode

1 min

Using the Photodiode with an XVC-1000 Weld Camera

A photodiode is an electronic which, when exposed to light, generates a change...

quality control weld inspection weld camera system consistent WI-2000 inspection system Recertification Program WI-3000 recertification

1 min

Why Recertification of Your Inspection System is Important

In today's modern manufacturing environment, continuous improvement is needed...

weld inspection manufacturing area of interest color imaging weld camera system welding education consistent WeldStudio PictureInaPicture PIP

1 min

Picture in a Picture from a Weld Camera!

Xiris has recently added a powerful new feature to its WeldStudio™ software...

weld camera Education High Dynamic Range manufacturing applications XVC Weld Camera HDR weld camera system consistent inspection

1 min

LASIMM project goes live with Xiris Automation

quality control tube defects WI-2000p reduced costs automotive tubedefects tube mill

1 min

A Customer Testimonial for Xiris Tube & Pipe Inspection Systems

Who doesn’t love an inspiring transformation story? Weld inspection systems...

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