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XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Weld Camera Captures Total Solar Eclipse

Using the Xiris Weld Cameras stationed in Burlington and Ancaster, Ontario,...

XVC Weld Camera

1 min

How Artificial Intelligence Detects Melt Pool Defects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing several industries, and welding is no...

GMAW XVC Weld Camera

3 min

How the XVC-750 Redefines Melt Pool Monitoring in Welding

Xiris Weld Cameras are often used to enable operators to view the welding...

XVC Weld Camera Seamer

1 min

Xiris Weld Cameras on Longitudinal Seam Welders

In a recent video from MITUSA, they showcase a Xiris XVC Weld Camera integrated...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera HDR eclipse

1 min

Xiris Watches the Partial Solar Eclipse

Four years ago, Xiris had the incredible opportunity to watch the beautiful...

weld video XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Xiris Opens a New Welding Lab!

Over the years, Xiris weld cameras have been tested with the help of local...

Xiris Plasma XVC Weld Camera

2 min

Using Cameras to Monitor Plasma Cutting

Companies that build and service large infrastructure projects almost always...

XVC Weld Camera inspection

1 min

5 Welding Applications Where Angled Optics Optimize Monitoring

The XVC-700, the new weld camera from Xiris, features a unique flex design...

quality control weld inspection weld safety High Dynamic Range operator XVC Weld Camera HDR #testimonial consistent inspection system

1 min

Ground-Breaking Technology + Dedicated Customer Service = Great Value

Once we’ve demonstrated to potential customers how a Xiris weld camera can help...

weld camera Trade Show Tube and Pipe welding XVC Weld Camera inspection system

1 min

Reflecting on Spring 2019 Trade Shows

The past couple of weeks have been busy for the Xiris Automation team as we’ve...

weld inspection manufacturing defects weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera HDR color weld camera color imaging weld camera system welding education consistent

2 min

Color or Not? Five Questions to Consider When Choosing a Weld Camera

Welding is not a very colorful operation. The metal, torch and other materials...

quality control weld inspection High Dynamic Range XVC Weld Camera weld camera system consistent trigger photodiode

1 min

Using the Photodiode with an XVC-1000 Weld Camera

A photodiode is an electronic which, when exposed to light, generates a change...

weld camera Education High Dynamic Range manufacturing applications XVC Weld Camera HDR weld camera system consistent inspection

1 min

LASIMM project goes live with Xiris Automation

weld camera XVC Weld Camera additive manufacturing Metal AM

1 min

The Quality Challenge in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Product manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, defense, and healthcare...

weld camera Trade Show XVC Weld Camera

2 min

Reflecting on Fall 2018 Trade Shows

The experience of a trade show is quite difficult to put into words; regardless...

weld inspection welding automation Xiris Sub Arc welding pipe XVC Weld Camera submerged arc welding Robotic Welding

2 min

Rugged, Robust, and Ready to Use - The XVC-S Sub Arc Weld Camera

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is a common welding process used in a variety of...

Tube and Pipe welding weld Tube Dusseldorf conference weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera color weld camera

1 min

April 2018: Looking Back

April was an extremely successful month for Xiris Automation! Read below for a...

Trade Show XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Weld Camera Success at Fabtech 2017!

Xiris recently attended the Fabtech trade show, held once again this year at...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 2: Filler Wire

Most non-Autogenous welding processes use an external filler wire that is added...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera Powder Spray R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 1: Powder Spray

Cladding processes that use powder spray incorporate a variety of technologies...

welding XVC Weld Camera Seamer

2 min

Retrofitting a Weld Camera into an Existing Seamer Device

Recently, Xiris installed a weld camera into an existing welding seamer. A...

weld camera safety XVC Weld Camera Tank Manufacturing

2 min

Improving Tank Manufacturing Safety with Cameras

Large tank manufacturing can be a difficult process. Welding together large...

Trade Show XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Successful Show in Shanghai for Xiris!

Xiris Automation Inc. exhibited the new XVC-1000 Weld View Camera in this...

XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Xiris Goes to the Shanghai Welding Show!

Xiris has established success in selling a number of Xiris XVC-O and XVC-1000...

Xiris XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Xiris Opens European Sales Office!


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