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weld camera welding automation Machine Vision Robotic Welding

1 min

Xiris is Growing!

In 2017 Xiris saw business growth of more than 40% over the previous year. This...

Trade Show XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Weld Camera Success at Fabtech 2017!

Xiris recently attended the Fabtech trade show, held once again this year at...

High Dynamic Range metal additive manufacturing

2 min

How to Make Metal AM Process Adjustments in Real Time

Research and Development is a crucial element of success in Metal Additive...

quality control image processing Xiris welding productivity tools EMI

1 min

Robust Weld Cameras for High Frequency Weld Applications

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) that is generated by high frequency weld...

quality control weld video Xiris welding productivity tools

2 min

Ontario High School Purchases a Weld Camera Kit!

quality control weld video Xiris welding productivity tools

1 min

The Ultimate Weld Video Library

First, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, healthy and...

weld camera Xiris welding High Dynamic Range fabtech Maverick Testing CanWeld 2016 Tip Tig Lincoln Electric

1 min

Xiris Attends CanWeld 2016

Xiris had the pleasure of co-exhibiting with Maverick Testing and TIP TIG USA...

quality control weld camera welding High Dynamic Range productivity color weld camera weld seam weld seam alignment

1 min

Using Weld Cameras For Torch Alignment

When Xiris demonstrates its weld camera systems, one of the unexpected benefits...

quality control weld camera welding High Dynamic Range weld pool productivity color weld camera

1 min

Weld Revolution Uses the Xiris Color Weld Camera

weld camera welding automation Education welding laser additive manufacturing additive manufacturing

1 min

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Relies on XVC 1000

Recently, Xiris had the pleasure of working with the Additive Manufacturing...

weld camera welding automation welding

1 min

Xiris Gets Rave Reviews of our Weld Camera from a 3rd Party!

Xiris received an early Christmas present this year in the form of a fantastic...

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