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weld inspection manufacturing defects weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera HDR color weld camera color imaging weld camera system welding education consistent

2 min

Color or Not? Five Questions to Consider When Choosing a Weld Camera

Welding is not a very colorful operation. The metal, torch and other materials...

weld inspection manufacturing area of interest color imaging weld camera system welding education consistent WeldStudio PictureInaPicture PIP

1 min

Picture in a Picture from a Weld Camera!

Xiris has recently added a powerful new feature to its WeldStudio™ software...

weld camera Education High Dynamic Range manufacturing applications XVC Weld Camera HDR weld camera system consistent inspection

1 min

LASIMM project goes live with Xiris Automation

quality control weld inspection Tube and Pipe welding manufacturing tube WI-2000p weld camera system consistent

1 min

Inspecting Metal Sheath on High Voltage Cables

High Voltage Cable is a multi-layer cable used for running high voltages...

weld camera Trade Show manufacturing IMTS distributors weld monitoring integrated

1 min

Xiris Exhibits at IMTS 2014

Xiris Automation participates in many international trade shows. Our products...

camera weld operator visible weld pool weld allignment manufacturing fabricator metal

1 min

If You Can’t See It, Should You Sell It?

Xiris Automation specializes in “machines that can see”. We provide some of...

Machine Vision welding High Dynamic Range camera manufacturing fabricators

1 min

Welcome to The Xiris Blog.

Our products are based on advanced camera technology but our business is...

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