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safety additive manufacturing SWIR thermal imaging

2 min

How SWIR Technology Creates a Safer Environment in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Over the past couple of months, we have discussed the number of challenges to...


2 min

Providing a Safer Welding Environment in Pipeline Construction

Pipeline infrastructure is needed to help countries function. Acting as the...

weld camera weld safety safety health

2 min

8 Ways Weld Cameras Improve Productivity #1: Increased Health and Safety

To start off the new year, we wanted to begin a new series on the Xiris blog. W...

quality control weld environment High Dynamic Range safety health HDR weld camera system consistent

1 min

Using Xiris Weld Cameras to Reduce Health Risks

High Dynamic Range (HDR) weld cameras provide clear images of a welding process...

weld camera weld safety safety arc welding mig welding weld camera system

1 min

Weld Safety: Before and After

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders and cutters "have one of...

High Dynamic Range safety operator additive manufacturing

2 min

How HDR Weld Cameras Improve Operator Safety

What’s wrong with this picture?

weld camera safety XVC Weld Camera Tank Manufacturing

2 min

Improving Tank Manufacturing Safety with Cameras

Large tank manufacturing can be a difficult process. Welding together large...

weld camera weld inspection weld environment weld safety Sub Arc welding safety camera weld allignment visibility accident fatal death

1 min

Decrease Injuries, Increase Efficiency and Prioritize Workplace Safety

The construction of large ship vessels is a very complex and hazardous trade....

welding safety camera smoke health arc welding parkinsons

1 min

Welding Smoke: How Does it Effect You?

The welding environment has very dangerous elements; one that has been...

Machine Vision welding safety accident fatal death manufacturer OSHA

2 min

Don’t Compromise! Prioritize Safety, Prioritize Vision.

Welding is a very advanced trade that demands not only skill, but training,...

weld camera weld safety Sub Arc welding safety weld applications visibility

2 min

Improve Safety for Submerged Arc Welding Applications!

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) processes are typically run as automatic or...

remote monitoring weld camera weld environment safety

2 min

How to Justify the Cost of a Weld Camera #3: Increased Safety

In making a business case for an investment in a Weld Camera, you need to be...

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