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weld camera Aluminum High Amperage Welding

1 min

Monitoring High Amperage Welding on Aluminum

Aluminum welding needs to be performed typically "hot and fast." When using...

Pipe Cladding weld monitoring Slip Ring

1 min

Watching a Rotating Cladding Process

Cladding material on to the inside surface of a pipe requires movement of the...

weld camera weld monitoring Plasma

1 min

Watching a 1,000,000 Watt Plasma Arc!

Usually Xiris Weld cameras are used to monitor open weld arcs of many kinds of...

quality control Xiris welding weld safety productivity tools

Upgrade Your View with a Xiris Weld Camera

Upgrade Your View! This isn’t the first time Xiris has run into a duct-taped...

quality control Xiris welding High Dynamic Range TIG productivity tools color imaging

2 min

Monitoring Welding Processes in Color

In most situations, a high dynamic range (HDR) image that provides a clear view...

weld video Xiris welding High Dynamic Range R&D LAM additive manufacturing

1 min

Additive Manufacturing Research and Development Made Easier

Additive Manufacturing refers to a process whereby 3D design data is used to...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 2: Filler Wire

Most non-Autogenous welding processes use an external filler wire that is added...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera Powder Spray R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 1: Powder Spray

Cladding processes that use powder spray incorporate a variety of technologies...

weld camera safety XVC Weld Camera Tank Manufacturing

2 min

Improving Tank Manufacturing Safety with Cameras

Large tank manufacturing can be a difficult process. Welding together large...

welding Plasma cutting

2 min

Seeing Detail in Plasma Cutting and Welding Processes

Using a Xiris high dynamic range Weld Camera to see the detail of a Plasma...

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