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weld camera Aluminum High Amperage Welding

1 min

Monitoring High Amperage Welding on Aluminum

Aluminum welding needs to be performed typically "hot and fast." When using...

Pipe Cladding weld monitoring Slip Ring

1 min

Watching a Rotating Cladding Process

Cladding material on to the inside surface of a pipe requires movement of...

weld camera weld monitoring Plasma

1 min

Watching a 1,000,000 Watt Plasma Arc!

Usually Xiris Weld cameras are used to monitor open weld arcs of many kinds...

quality control Xiris welding weld safety productivity tools

Upgrade Your View with a Xiris Weld Camera

Upgrade Your View! This isn’t the first time Xiris has run into a duct-taped...

quality control Xiris welding High Dynamic Range TIG productivity tools color imaging

2 min

Monitoring Welding Processes in Color

In most situations, a high dynamic range (HDR) image that provides a clear...

weld video Xiris welding High Dynamic Range R&D LAM additive manufacturing

1 min

Additive Manufacturing Research and Development Made Easier

Additive Manufacturing refers to a process whereby 3D design data is used to...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 2: Filler Wire

Most non-Autogenous welding processes use an external filler wire that is added...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera Powder Spray R&D

1 min

Using a Camera for Welding R&D, Part 1: Powder Spray

Cladding processes that use powder spray incorporate a variety of...

weld camera XVC Weld Camera Tank Manufacturing

2 min

Improving Tank Manufacturing Safety with Cameras

Large tank manufacturing can be a difficult process.  Welding together large...

welding Plasma cutting

2 min

Seeing Detail in Plasma Cutting and Welding Processes

Using a Xiris high dynamic range Weld Camera to see the detail of a Plasma...

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