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weld monitoring laser additive manufacturing

2 min

Using LED Illumination with Xiris Weld Cameras

Xiris Weld Cameras are well known to enable operators to remotely view and...

weld monitoring audio

3 min

Using Sound and Imaging for Detecting Welding Defects

Metal welding is a very dynamic process with many variables that need to be...

weld monitoring wall panel membranes

2 min

Monitoring Welds on Wall Panel Membranes

We are excited to introduce Xiris’ very own collection of stories from the...

weld monitoring

3 min

MRO Contractors are Winning New Business with Weld Cameras

Power plants, petrochemical and other large bulk processing facilities all have...

weld camera weld monitoring audio

1 min

Future Possibilities for Audio Monitoring of Welding

Xiris has been at the forefront of weld monitoring for more than a decade by...

quality control weld camera weld monitoring audio

2 min

Three Benefits of Adding Audio to your Weld Camera

Experienced, professional welders agree that sound is often just as valuable in...

quality control weld camera weld monitoring audio hardware software

2 min

How to Implement Audio Monitoring for your Welding Operation

Our team at Xiris has released an audio monitoring package for our weld...

quality control weld camera weld monitoring audio

1 min

Xiris Launches Audio Monitoring for Weld Cameras!

Xiris is proud to announce a revolutionary addition to our industry-leading...

weld inspection manufacturing defects weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera HDR color weld camera color imaging weld camera system welding education consistent

2 min

Color or Not? Five Questions to Consider When Choosing a Weld Camera

Welding is not a very colorful operation. The metal, torch and other materials...

Tube and Pipe welding weld Tube Dusseldorf conference weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera color weld camera

1 min

April 2018: Looking Back

April was an extremely successful month for Xiris Automation! Read below for a...

Pipe Cladding weld monitoring Slip Ring

1 min

Watching a Rotating Cladding Process

Cladding material on to the inside surface of a pipe requires movement of the...

weld camera weld monitoring Plasma

1 min

Watching a 1,000,000 Watt Plasma Arc!

Usually Xiris Weld cameras are used to monitor open weld arcs of many kinds of...

quality control Xiris High Dynamic Range GMAW weld monitoring additive manufacturing

2 min

Using Weld Cameras to Minimize Excessive Spatter on GMAW

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is characterized by the creation of sparks and...

weld camera Trade Show manufacturing IMTS distributors weld monitoring integrated

1 min

Xiris Exhibits at IMTS 2014

Xiris Automation participates in many international trade shows. Our products...

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