Margaret Montgomery

Tube and Pipe welding productivity color weld camera weld camera system

1 min

Xiris Automation: Let Our Customers Do the Talking!

Our weld camera and tube & pipe inspection systems are only part of the...

weld camera weld camera system welding course welding education

1 min

An Eye Into the Future: Weld Cameras in the Classroom

Xiris'sXVC-1100 kit and XVC-1000e HDR weld cameras are transforming the way...

weld camera weld safety safety arc welding mig welding weld camera system

1 min

Weld Safety: Before and After

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders and cutters "have one of...

Tube and Pipe welding weld Tube Dusseldorf conference weld monitoring XVC Weld Camera color weld camera

1 min

April 2018: Looking Back

April was an extremely successful month for Xiris Automation! Read below for a...

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