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weld camera fabricators TIG welding

1 min

Monitoring the Melt Pool from the Backside in Root Pass TIG Welding

Highly precise welding procedures commonly found in power generation...

welding weld camera system inspection

2 min

Detecting Skip Welds During Fabrication

Skip welding, otherwise known as Tack Welding, is a commonly used welding...

quality control weld camera weld monitoring audio

2 min

Three Benefits of Adding Audio to your Weld Camera

Experienced, professional welders agree that sound is often just as valuable in...

Xiris welding Trade Show

2 min

Fall Tradeshow Recap

After another busy quarter, we are taking a look back at some of the major...

XVC Weld Camera inspection

1 min

5 Welding Applications Where Angled Optics Optimize Monitoring

The XVC-700, the new weld camera from Xiris, features a unique flex design...

Education Xiris welding

1 min

How To Engage Young Welding Apprentices

Welding has a problem. We all know about it, but we often don’t talk about it....

quality control welding

1 min

Xiris Celebrates 30 Years!

Xiris is pleased to celebrate its 30th anniversary in September, 2019. Founded...

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