Rachel Dalton

XVC Weld Camera Seamer

1 min

Xiris Weld Cameras on Longitudinal Seam Welders

In a recent video from MITUSA, they showcase a Xiris XVC Weld Camera...
1 min

8 Ways Weld Cameras Improve Productivity #4: Recorded Video for Off-Line Analysis

Over the past few months, we have discussed the numerous ways that weld...

image processing WeldStudio software

2 min

Edge Detection at Any Angle with Xiris WeldStudio™

Even with the best dynamic range imaging possible, certain subtle features...
1 min

8 Ways Weld Cameras Improve Productivity #3: Improved Arc On-Time

We have discussed the benefits of weld cameras before, such as in some of...
2 min

Providing a Safer Welding Environment in Pipeline Construction

Pipeline infrastructure is needed to help countries function. Acting as the...
1 min

8 Ways Weld Cameras Improve Productivity #2: Reduce Errors and Cut Costs

Last month we began our series of blog posts discussing each of the eight...

weld camera weld safety health

2 min

8 Ways Weld Cameras Improve Productivity #1: Increased Health and Safety

To start off the new year, we wanted to begin a new series on the Xiris...
2 min

Xiris Over the Years

In a fast-changing world, we’re accustomed to always look ahead and be...

weld camera Education

2 min

Xiris Weld Cameras for Educators

  A few weeks ago, we held our largest webinar yet: Xiris Weld Cameras for...

weld video XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Xiris Opens a New Welding Lab!

Over the years, Xiris weld cameras have been tested with the help of local...

weld camera trigger

1 min

Imaging CMT Welding with a Weld Camera

Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding is a variant of the GMAW process developed...

weld camera applications

2 min

A Unique Application for Xiris Weld Cameras: Schlieren Imaging

At Xiris we are all about viewing weld processes in ways you’ve never seen...

weld camera applications laser additive manufacturing additive manufacturing

1 min

Using Weld Cameras to Monitor Laser Bed Additive Manufacturing

In an effort to accelerate the industrialization and adoption of metal...

quality control weld camera weld inspection

1 min

Xiris Automation: More Than Just an Innovative Product

In the September issue (page 38) of Australian Welding, Weld Australia...

community giving back

1 min

Xiris in the Community

At Xiris we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and...

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