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Xiris Opens a New Welding Lab!

Rachel Dalton
Written by Rachel Dalton on April 20, 2023

Over the years, Xiris weld cameras have been tested with the help of local colleges, distributors and end user customers who have lent their time and welding space to us. With many cameras, HMIs, lenses, filters and cables packed up, our team would travel to different locations to test out our latest hardware or software productsIt took up a lot of everyone’s time, however it was necessary to produce our best technology possible 

As the company has continued to grow, so has our space, thus we decided to build our own Welding Lab. Our headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Canada now includes 25 m2 / 250 sq. fof weld space, complete with a combo MIG/TIG/Stick welder and a rotating positioner, allowing us to do continuous welds and make parameter changes to the weld image on the flyThe added convenience that comes with our new welding lab presents numerous benefits for both Xiris and our customers.  

XVC-1000 camera set up to capture our welding labXVC-1000 weld camera setup to capture a weldXiris XVC-1000 Camera Set Up to Capture a Weld in our New Welding Lab 


When developing new weld camera hardware and software, we need to do extensive testing Our new welding lab allows us to do testing of the cameras, in-house on different welding setups, as much as requiredThis means we can better develop imaging technologies to solve real world welding problems for various types of weld processes, materials and configurationsThis testing can also include trials of new software functions on live welds for testing different imaging parameters such as specialty image triggering or global and rolling shutter image acquisition.  


Now with our own welding lab, we can train our employees and customers on different setups and configurations of the weld cameras and related software technology. Our team can spend as much time as they need to perfect new technologies and applications so they are able to share their knowledge and expertise in the field.  


Our weld video library will continue to grow as we test new and different configurations of various types of weld processes, techniques and materials. These videos can now be recorded in-house and our welding video library will continue to grow in size and importance as a great educational resource for instructors and students.  

With our new in-house welding lab, Xiris will be able to push its product range, technology and quality of its weld imaging systems to an even higher level to produce better images that lead to better decisions and better process control for our customers 


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