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weld inspection Trade Show Tube China 2018

1 min

Xiris in Shanghai, Tube China 2018

Just a couple of weeks ago, Xiris had the opportunity to showcase our Weld...

Trade Show weld camera system Beijing Essen 2018

Xiris at the 2018 Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Show

Discovering New Opportunities Alongside our Chinese Distributors. The Beijing...

weld camera

1 min

Rugged Cameras for Tough Weld Environments

Tandem MIG Welding - Environmental Concerns? Not everyone was as confident as...

quality control weld camera Xiris welding High Dynamic Range Tube and Pipe welding weld pool productivity orbital welding

1 min

Xiris Weld Cameras in Long-Distance Pipeline Manufacturing

The manufacturing of long-distance pipelines for the oil and gas industry uses...

Trade Show XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Successful Show in Shanghai for Xiris!

Xiris Automation Inc. exhibited the new XVC-1000 Weld View Camera in this...

XVC Weld Camera

1 min

Xiris Goes to the Shanghai Welding Show!

Xiris has established success in selling a number of Xiris XVC-O and XVC-1000...

weld camera weld inspection welding automation Welding Process Xiris welding Trade Show

1 min

Successful Show in Beijing for Xiris!

Xiris Automation Inc. exhibited at the XVC-O Weld View Camera in this year's...

quality control weld camera weld inspection Machine Vision Xiris High Dynamic Range Sub Arc welding Trade Show distributor

1 min

See Xiris in Beijing June 10-13, 2014.

Since signing Harbin Jinlifeng Co. Ltd as our distributor for China in January...

weld camera Laser welding welding automation Sub Arc welding labor market Harbin

2 min

Xiris Goes to China!

Xiris has extended its salesforce into the world’s largest and fastest growing...

remote monitoring camera selection weld camera weld environment

1 min

High Temperatures? No Problem for the XVC-O Weld Camera

Some specialized welding processes, such as Orbital Welding processes used at...

camera selection weld camera welding automation

2 min

10 Essential Elements of a Weld Camera

A Weld Camera is designed to help welding professionals monitor the welding...

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