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Xiris Weld Cameras in Long-Distance Pipeline Manufacturing

Dean Zhao
Written by Dean Zhao on August 17, 2022

Xiris Weld Cameras in Long-Distance Pipeline Manufacturing

The manufacturing of long-distance pipelines for the oil and gas industry uses automated orbital welding systems to join together each piece of pipe to the main pipeline.  During the welding process, the operator needs to monitor the wire-feed position and the molten puddle in real-time to ensure weld quality and inspect for the presence of weld defects as the orbital welding system is moving.  Since the weld torch rotates 360° around the pipe and the operator has to follow the weld torch while wearing a weld helmet, monitoring the weld is both labor intensive and potentially hazardous.  As a result, it is sometimes difficult for the operator to properly focus on the welding process.

Weld Cameras in Long-Distance Pipeline Manufacturing

Using Xiris’ high resolution and high dynamic range weld camera, operators can sit beside the automated orbital welding system while remotely monitoring the weld arc, molten puddle, feed wire, and other important information that relates to the quality of the weld.  The Xiris Weld camera includes software with crosshair graphics which can help the operator to align the weld process within the groove between the two pipes.

The Xiris weld camera can greatly reduce the physical strain of weld monitoring while improving the safety of the work environment, allowing operators to comfortably focus on the quality of the welding.  The result is that the Xiris weld camera can help improve the overall welding process in pipeline manufacturing and reduce the re-work required.

Watch sample video output from the Xiris weld camera:
Camera Monitoring of Orbital Welding            
Camera Monitoring of Orbital Welding with Crosshairs 

For more information on how Xiris Weld Cameras can help with your Orbital Welding applications, visit Xiris.com


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