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Eliminating Traditional Welding Barriers for Instructors and Students

Aishani Mehra
Written by Aishani Mehra on August 16, 2022

Welding instructors and students are often faced with barriers in the classroom that limit their ability to easily observe and learn proper welding techniques. The traditional method of teaching welding is to repeat demonstrations to small groups of students, hoping that everyone in each group can clearly see and understand the welding process. This method alone is challenging, as instructors are pressured to complete several demonstrations before the class ends.  It is also ineffective, as students struggle to properly see and retain the information provided. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges have been magnified as social distancing has added extra limitations in the classroom. 

However, a new generation of classroom tools such as weld cameras can help reduce the effect of these barriers and ease the strain on welding educators and students. By implementing welding cameras in the classroom, educators are able to teach welding in new waysBecause weld cameras provide the ability to record and playback video of weld demonstrationsstudents are able to study a welding process whenever and wherever – during the class or after. The clarity of detail of the weld arc and its immediate environment that can be captured by a weld camera provides options for a better learning environment for students, as they do not need to be huddled around an instructor to get a clear view of the weld. Educators can greatly benefit from this because they are able to monitor the detail of each student’s welding process which provides more accuracy while grading their work. This not only eliminates barriers in the classroom today, but also provides new opportunities for growth in the way welding can be taught.

Weld Camera Capturing Student's Exact Moment
Fig. 1: A Weld Camera Capturing the Student's Exact Moment

Recently, Xiris partnered with CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) and hosted a giveaway for their Educator Conference. Members had the opportunity to enter for a chance to win an XVC-1000 Weld Camera Educator Kit by submitting a video stating how their program or school would use a weld camera in the classroom. Having received a number of phenomenal entries, Xiris selected Saskatchewan Polytechnic as the winner. Their dedication and drive to empower their students with new learning opportunities are values that Xiris admires and aims to continuously support. Saskatchewan Polytechnic said, “Success can be measured in mm and giving students the ability to see that is a game changer!”  They plan to use the weld camera for a number of applications, including: 

  • Online training so that students can watch welding videos at home ensuring they don’t miss any details. 
  • Creating their own weld video content that breaks down the welding process step by step.  
  • Integrating the cameras into robotic training cells where students will be able to see the robots’ welding processes from a safe distance. 

 Check out Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Winning Video Entry Here 


Xiris hopes to continue to eliminate the barriers that welding educators have been facing and work with more classrooms to empower students to succeed. To learn more about our XVC-1000 Weld Camera, download our free datasheet or request a one-on-one consultation with one of our Xiris experts. 

Better Images. Better Decisions. Better Process Control. 

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