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Free ROI Calculator for Tube Weld Inspection Systems

Karen Serles
Written by Karen Serles on August 17, 2022

Two of the most important competitive advantages in tube production are the quality of the weld and the quality of the formed profile of the tube.  How can you improve your quality while also driving down costs and delivery times?



The Xiris WI2000 Weld Inspection System helps Tube fabricators improve quality and save costs by reducing:

  • Mill Set Up Time
  • Lab Time
  • Mill Downtime
  • Scrap
  • Customer Returns


Now, there's a powerful way to justify your productivity investment.  Use your own cold, hard figures to calculate Return on Investment (ROI). 


 Download your FREE ROI Calculator Now!

Make an informed decision about a XIRIS WI2000 Weld Inspection System purchase and see how you can achieve consistently higher quality while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

For more information on how Xiris Weld Cameras can help monitor your weld processes, visit Xiris.com 

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