Cameron Serles
Written by Cameron Serles on July 30, 2020


Every time a tube mill is changed over to run a new product, a set-up process must be performed to adjust the mill accordingly.  This process can be quite time consuming as a number of variables, input materials and equipment need to be adjusted to allow the mill to run the best quality product possible.  Reducing  the set-up process time and complexity is welcome news to all mill operators.  One approach is to add an automatic weld inspection system right after the weld box on the tube mill.  By adding such a system, immediate feedback of the weld geometry of the tube being produced can be provided to the mill operators as set-up adjustments are being made.  The result is a faster set-up process, less mill downtime and a more efficient tube mill.


Now, there's a powerful way to justify your productivity investment.  Use your own mill parameters to make an informed decision about buying a post weld inspection system.


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