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remote monitoring weld camera welding automation Machine Vision

2 min

Notes from Fabtech 2013

The Fabtech show, held this year at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, is...

camera selection weld camera welding automation Machine Vision

1 min

Expanding Weld Camera Reach

Having valuable and knowledgeable partners is a key component to Xiris’...

camera selection weld camera welding automation Machine Vision

1 min

Spreading Weld Camera Innovation Worldwide

Xiris is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, near Toronto, but we’re a...

remote monitoring weld camera weld environment Tube and Pipe welding

2 min

Using Weld Cameras to Monitor Pipe Cladding

Thanks to new developments in electronics and sensor technology, fabricators...

camera selection weld camera High Dynamic Range Tube and Pipe welding

1 min

Don't Miss the Latest Weld Camera Technology at Fabtech 2013

At Xiris, we love new technology. As engineers, we get excited when we see...

quality control image processing optical disc manufacturing

2 min

Automated Inspection Systems Used In Optical Disc Manufacturing

CD/DVD manufacturers are finding that today’s customers demand blemish-free...

quality control optical disc manufacturing

2 min

Using Automated Inspection Systems in CD/DVD Manufacturing

In our work with CD/DVD manufacturers, we’ve seen the following management...

remote monitoring camera selection weld camera

2 min

Why Choose Xiris as Your Weld Camera Supplier?

Remote weld monitoring is an essential element of optimizing and continuously...

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