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thermal camera SWIR thermal imaging

1 min

Welding Optimization: High-Speed Thermal Imaging with Voltage Triggering

High-speed mode of XIR-1800 In previous blogs, we talked in detail about the...

thermal camera

3 min

What is t8/5 and Why Should You Care When Welding?

Steel is a structural material widely used in numerous industries and...

thermal camera SWIR thermal imaging

3 min

How to Use Temperature Measurement to Overcome Aluminum Welding Challenges with Fronius CMT

Fronius’ Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) is a welding process that achieves low heat...

thermal camera SWIR thermal imaging

2 min

Getting A Clear View of the Weld Pool with SWIR HDR Imaging

The benefits of SWIR monitoring for welding and Metal Additive Manufacturing (...

Plasma SWIR thermal imaging Thermal Spraying

3 min

Benefits of SWIR monitoring in Thermal Spraying

In previous blogs, we have discussed how high dynamic range (HDR) SWIR thermal...

cladding laser

1 min

Unparalleled Monitoring Tool for Laser Cladding

Xiris weld cameras and software provide an unmatched monitoring instruments for...

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